Eleanor & The Community

Community Outreach

As Chelsea took the reins of Eleanor back in January 2024, one of her biggest goals was to transform Eleanor and our involvement in the community. Here at Eleanor, we strongly believe in community involvement and outreach. 

Starting this year, every quarter, we will be partnering with a notable charity or non-profit working exclusively in the state of Colorado. We are proud to partner with groups that align with our team and store values. 

During these quarters, a % percentage of our store sales will be donated to a select non-profit organization. We hope that we are able to connect these amazing organizations to our Eleanor Community as well. We hope our partnerships inspire you to join us on our community involvement journey. 

We are always actively looking for non-profit organizations to partner with! If there are organizations that inspire you, we would be happy to connect with them to see if they are a good fit. Email us regarding prospective partnerships at info@shop-eleanor.com 


Active Partnerships: 

June: MotherWise & Thriving Families- MotherWise aims to support women and families through pregnancy and after childbirth. Its core program consists of 6 weeks of workshops and individual coaching focusing on self-awareness, healthy relationships, communication skills, and bonding with a newborn. The program is inclusive of all pregnant individuals and new parents, not just those who identify as women or mothers. Motherwise helps moms all over the state of Colorado to get the resources they may not have access to otherwise, so they can become the best new moms they can be. Learn more about Motherwise here.